Accurate mapping of assets


Allows to map assets accurately without surveying knowledge


Access everywhere and sync data in real-time


Capture & access asset data more efficiently and faster

Accurate mapping of (subsurface) utilities

Geolantis.360 connects to all high precision GPS/GNSS systems and allows to accurately map asset locations with ease. In case there is demand to locate and map in one simple workflow, the app allows to connect to all major cable locators.
By integrating the process and simultaneously capturing all data digitally, this combined solution is substantially quicker, data rich and avoids many of the inherent errors in the traditional methodology.
It’s vendor agnostic and allows even to operate mixed sets of equipment.

Exclusive Features

Mapping & Surveying

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Utility mapping

Locate mark-outs

Depth of cover surveys

Centerline surveys


Design updates


Photos & Sketches


Cable locator support

• Connects to Radiodetection RD8000, RD8100, RD8200), Vivax-Metrotech vloc2 Pro, vloc3 Pro), Leica Ultra Pro, Subsite UtilGuard
• Trigger data capturing from locator
• Automatically records sensor data like depth, frequency, ….

High-Precision GNSS devices

• All Leica rovers (NMEA)
• Leica Zeno 20
• Leica GG03, GG04
• All Stonex rovers
• All Septentrio rovers
• Juniper Geode 1+2
• EOS Arrow 100&200
• PPM 10xx
• Topcon devices (NMEA)
• Trimble devices (NMEA)
• Trimble Catalyst
• All devices with NMEA output

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