POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU is headquartered in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, and is a maintenance provider for airports, local government roads, industrial areas, and manufacturing areas. The core speciality of the company is to ensure that surfaces that are prepared for vehicular and aircraft use are always well maintained through active, operational, and preventative measures.

Key Challenges

Two primary challenges drove the business to seek help from Geolantis:

1) Documentation for Customers

As the nature of the tasks carried out by POSSEHL is vast, lack of proper documentation of work posed a huge challenge. The existing methods of documenting the job done did not capture all the details, and it was tough to record the precise number of hours and the resources appointed.

As a result, there was not enough evidence for the customer to see what work was done, where it was done, and who did it.

2) Legal Issues

Without photographic documentation of the repair work carried out, the field workers at POSSEHL would often struggle to ascertain their accomplishments in case any legal issue came up. This was especially true when the customers opened up insurance cases against the company or any of its workers.

In such scenarios, there was no way to prove that the work completed was on time and of the highest quality. POSSEHL was, thus, looking for a method to capture the status of an airport runway or a municipal road before and after the work, in a visually effective manner.

Effects of the Challenges on the Business

POSSEHL's lack of means for proper documentation of work began to take a toll on the company's reputation in the following ways:

1) Low Customer Satisfaction

Without proper ways to document a task completed, the reports that were being sent out to the customers were often inaccurate. There were also delays in receiving information as paper-based documentation could not be sent over to multiple locations instantly.

These issues caused customers to be dissatisfied and to appease them, the technicians of POSSEHL would often have to carry out additional or repetitive tasks. It was also a matter of trust in the company as ineffective maintenance of roads and runways could cause severe hazards to vehicles and the public.

2) Workforce Management Issues

The maintenance work of roads and runways usually spread out across miles. Hence, the field personnel must be assigned with the tasks beforehand and the work completed by each person documented accordingly.

However, with their existing manual approach to task assignment, supervisors at POSSEHL found it extremely challenging to keep track of the details of work carried out by a specific field worker at a particular location. 

This resulted in redundant work, extra workload, unassigned labourers, and time management issues, all of which translated into a financial burden on the company.

3) Compliance Issues

POSSEHL, as a construction company, must ensure that it abides by all the legal requirements around the health and safety of workers and customers while taking up any task. Due to a lack of photographic evidence of the location at which a task was carried out, it was impossible to defend their established health and safety standards if officials raised any questions.

In case of any dispute, if the company was unable to prove that it was compliant with all the requirements, it could risk the loss of operating licenses and/or might be charged with monetary compensation.

Geolantis360 Solution

Geolantis provided POSSEHL with a cloud-based field performance management solution that rose to the occasion to immediately solve all of the challenges the company was facing. Here is how the Geolantis360 software continues to help POSSEHL maintain documentation and follow all legal guidelines:

  • The Collector Module of Geolantis360 allows comprehensive field data collection that records every detail of the work and stores it securely on the software's cloud-based server.
  • Attributes such as the condition of the road before the work began and after the task was completed can be easily documented using a few taps on the worker's mobile device.
  • The map feature of the software enables the workers to save the precise location of the point at which the task is carried out, while also allowing them to send these locations to supervisors or customers securely over the cloud.
  • Forms with predefined attributes and digital workflows make documentation of tasks quick and straightforward. Supervisors can take a look at the documentation at the same instant that it is saved and assign the workforce accordingly to other tasks.
  • Low accuracy features such as an asphalt crack or a 20 cm hole can also be photographically documented along with the grid location and a timestamp. This provides evidence of the work that needs to be carried out.
  • Completion of work can be photo-documented with the worker's name, date, and time and this accurate information can be either sent as a report to the customer or as evidence in case of a legal dispute.
  • With easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, and reliable features of the software, POSSEHL can now guarantee customer satisfaction and cut down on redundant labour costs while being fully compliant to all safety standards.
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