LuxConnect, headquartered in Bettembourg, Luxembourg, is an information and communication technology (ICT) enabler that works with leading telco organizations within the country as well as foreign ICT players entering the country to harvest a balanced local Communications ecosystem. It is a facilitator of data centres, data fibre, and ancillary services that serve as business enablers in the ICT domain.

Here is a brief overview of the infrastructure facilities available at LuxConnect:

1) Data Centers

LuxConnect provides Data centre infrastructure as a service. It owns four state-of-the-art data centres, with rack space of 14,700 square meters. This is a highly flexible service that mainly caters to IT integrators and telecom companies. Its key features include the following:

  • Customers can opt for either Tier II, III, or IV in a multi-tier data centre environment, with an EMC safety concept.
  • The data centres are equipped with fire detection, water leakage detection, intrusion detection, and a nitrogen fire suppression system.
  • They provide carrier-neutral connectivity and themselves host internet exchanges while being open to both international and national telecom providers.

2) Dark Fiber

LuxConnect is the owner of fibre-optic utility in the whole of Luxembourg. It has created a mesh of fibre optic network of over 1200 km throughout the country. The dark fibre is entirely owned by the company, which makes it easier for them to bring all commercial data centres, interconnection points, and major POPs together. Twelve international outbreaks provided by LuxConnect enable international telecom providers to efficiently use the dark fibre connectivity.

Key Challenges

The key issues encountered by LuxConnect are as below.

1) Secure Sharing of Data

Being a primary fibre-optic utility provider in the country, LuxConnect has to work with contractors regularly. A lot of these contractors need access to the GIS data of the fibre-optic network.

However, being the owner of these assets, LuxConnect has to restrict access to these contractors by giving them only viewing rights. With their existing methods of data sharing, this task was proving to be a significant challenge.

2) Documentation

It is crucial for an ICT enabler like LuxConnect to efficiently document all of their assets in shareable, readable formats. Owning a vast footprint of fibre optic means that every interconnection point, breakout point, and data centre have to be always well-connected.

This documentation becomes even more crucial as the company guarantees uptime in its highest tiered data centres. However, they had no proper means to document this vast network accurately.

Effects of the Challenges on the Business

When challenges are not resolved, they have a direct effect on the business. The ramifications of these challenges for LuxConnect were as below.

1) Possibility of Data Leaks

Owning the infrastructure means LuxConnect is entirely responsible for any loss of data and is answerable to customers through monetary compensations. While the company could not avoid employing contractors for some of its work, it could not afford any leakage of data through them.

Its proprietary technology and intellectual property that stand behind its dark fibre network and data centres had to be protected at any cost. Hence, the company had to be stringent about sharing field data with contractors and other non-employees.

2) Inaccurate Maintenance

With a lack of proper documentation, it became increasingly difficult for the company to provide swift maintenance. Managing a vast network of POPs has to be always up to the mark to avoid any unlikely downtime.

For field professionals on the maintenance jobs, it is crucial to have all the necessary details of the malfunctioning points in question so that there is no delay in restoring connectivity. Unwanted downtime and glitches in the network translated into a lack of trust in the brand and the efficiency of the entire country's ICT chain.

Geolantis360 Solution

Geolantis360 provided a seamless solution that continues to meet the demands of LuxConnect in the following ways.

  • The field data is collected by the Geolantis software and is securely saved. This stakeout data is then sent securely over the cloud to contractors, ensuring that the contractors only have viewing options on the software.
  • The contractors cannot export any of the utility data handed to them through Geolantis360. They can only use the background maps, and thus LuxConnect ensures data breach never occurs.
  • The software's spatial task management feature ensures that everyone has the right data mapped to the correct location at all times with "need-to-know" access restrictions.
  • Another feature that has proven valuable to the field workers of LuxConnect is Geolantis360's ability to facilitate documentation of fieldwork through predefined forms, photos, and maps. This process creates a digital workflow that any technician can refer to from anywhere, merely by tapping into their mobile device.
  • The dataflow ensures there is no delay in maintenance works and the completion of tasks is up to date. Thus, the data centre and dark fibre networks are always up and running.

LuxConnect Testimonial

Here is what a senior project coordinator of LuxConnect had to say about the value of the Geolantis360 software.

"One of our most important tasks is to document our fibre network as accurately as possible. The cloud-based Geolantis360 app leveraging precise GNSS is highly accurate, and we rely on it every day to document our valuable assets. Their customer service is second to none. Geolantis is a game-changer for us."

George Majerus

LuxConnect - Luxembourg

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